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Location codes 41-60 of 130 in Wyoming, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
WY09 Dull Center (SW Clareton) [Sherwin Field Number 1 Airport], Wyoming, US
WY64 Thayne [Lone Pine Flying Ranch Airport], Wyoming, US
WY05 Cheyenne [Skyview Airpark], Wyoming, US
WY59 Wheatland [Two Bar Ranch Airport], Wyoming, US
WY32 Cokeville [Circle B Airport], Wyoming, US
WY17 Medicine Bow [Ellis Ranch Airport], Wyoming, US
WY61 Laramie [ROCK & A Hard Place Ranch Airport], Wyoming, US
32WY Etna [Double L Ranch Airport], Wyoming, US
2WY8 Cody [Bar Flying E Airport], Wyoming, US
WY16 Medicine Bow [Robbins Airport], Wyoming, US
WY03 Big Piney [Marbleton Big Piney Clinic Heliport], Wyoming, US
YELL Yellowstone National Park [Yellowstone NP], Wyoming, US
WY39 Thayne [Star Valley Ranch Airport], Wyoming, US
49U Shoshoni [Muni], Wyoming, US
U06 Cokeville [Muni], Wyoming, US
GRTE Grand Teton National Park [Grand Teton NP], Wyoming, US
83V Upton [Muni], Wyoming, US
W43 Hulett [Muni], Wyoming, US
00WY Casper [Mountain View Regional Hospital Heliport], Wyoming, US
22WY Rozet [Kissack/Reynolds Airport], Wyoming, US

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