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Location codes 141-160 of 432 in Virginia, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
56VA Virginia Beach [Muni Heliport], Virginia, US
VG05 Kents Store [Payne Airport], Virginia, US
W75 Saluda [Hummel Field], Virginia, US
20VG Bedford [Hawk Ridge Airport], Virginia, US
74VA Fairfax [Inova Fair Oaks Hospital Heliport], Virginia, US
VG64 West Point [Lee Field], Virginia, US
66VG Petersburg [Bon Secours Mercy Health Petersburg LLC Heliport], Virginia, US
3VA0 Warrenton [Ayres-Aicp Airport], Virginia, US
06VA Grottoes [Mount Horeb Field], Virginia, US
8VA0 Richmond [Vcu Health System-I Lot Heliport], Virginia, US
44VA Eagle Rock [Big Hill Airport], Virginia, US
CD27 Luray [Page Memorial Hospital Heliport], Virginia, US
82VA Verona [Root Field], Virginia, US
VA71 Manassas [Aden Field], Virginia, US
VA51 Big Stone Gap [DMME Heliport], Virginia, US
VA11 Chilhowie [White Oak Stand Airport], Virginia, US
VA41 Withams [High Hopes Airport], Virginia, US
8VG4 Amherst [Buffalo Ridge Airport], Virginia, US
VA40 Danville [O'Gara Tech Training Facility Heliport], Virginia, US
15VA Warrenton [Fox Acres Airport], Virginia, US

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