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Location codes 61-80 of 430 in Virginia, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KFYJ FYJ West Point [Middle Peninsula Regional], Virginia, US
KEMV EMV Emporia [Emporia-Greensville Regional], Virginia, US
KTGI TGI Tangier [Tangier Island Airport], Virginia, US
KNFE NFE Fentress [Fentress NALF Airport], Virginia, US
KSFQ SFQ Suffolk [Suffolk Exec Airport], Virginia, US
2VG8 Warsaw [Folly Neck Airport], Virginia, US
VG59 Dublin [Cedar Point Landing Heliport], Virginia, US
99VA Quinton [Vcu Health New Kent Ed Heliport], Virginia, US
61VA Berryville [High View Farm Airport], Virginia, US
VG14 Woodstock [Philip M Grabill Jr. Memorial Heliport], Virginia, US
3VG9 South Boston [Potts Landing Airport], Virginia, US
1VA7 South Boston [Aaron Penston Field], Virginia, US
33VA Halifax [Fox Fire Airport], Virginia, US
W90 Forest [New London Airport], Virginia, US
5VA0 South Boston [South Boston Medical Heliport], Virginia, US
10VG Portsmouth [WAVY TV Heliport], Virginia, US
11VG Oak Grove [Devil's Reach Landing Airport], Virginia, US
5VA5 Fredericksburg [Chimney View Airport], Virginia, US
0VA6 Richmond [McGuire VA Medical Center Pad], Virginia, US
13VG Salem [May Heliport], Virginia, US

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