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Location codes 161-180 of 185 in Utah, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
UT77 Tropic [Aladdin Air Heliport], Utah, US
UT56 American Fork [American Fork Hospital Heliport], Utah, US
UT06 Logan [Logan Regional Hospital Heliport], Utah, US
UT78 Orem [Timpanogos Regional Hospital Heliport], Utah, US
UT61 Roosevelt [Uintah Basin Medical Center Heliport], Utah, US
UT26 Hatch [Bryce Woodland Estates Landing Strip], Utah, US
UT57 Knolls [Knolls Scene Landing Location Heliport], Utah, US
UT09 Green River [Tavapats Ranch Airport], Utah, US
20UT Tooele [Mountain West Medical Center Heliport], Utah, US
38UT Coalville [Hoytsville Airport], Utah, US
UT9 Fairfield [West Desert Airpark], Utah, US
UT66 Hurricane [Zion Helicopters Heliport], Utah, US
UT67 Tridell [Paradise Air Park], Utah, US
UT49 Delta [Desert Aviation Airport], Utah, US
UT40 Richfield [Sevier Valley Hospital Heliport], Utah, US
UT86 Tooele [Miller Motorsports Park Heliport], Utah, US
4UT8 Price [Castleview Hospital Helipad], Utah, US
3UT6 Riverton [Riverton Hospital Heliport], Utah, US
UT70 Virgin [Zion Helicopters Heliport], Utah, US
42UT Draper [Pluralsight Headquarters Heliport], Utah, US

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