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Location codes 101-120 of 154 in Nevada, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
NV36 Amargosa Valley [Imvite Airport], Nevada, US
NV20 Elko [Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital Heliport], Nevada, US
74P Pahrump [Calvada Meadows Airport], Nevada, US
U74 Crescent Valley, Nevada, US
NV17 Lemmon Valley [Youngberg Ranch Airport], Nevada, US
07NV Baker [Border Line Farm Airport], Nevada, US
NV99 Ely [Willow Creek Trading Post Airport], Nevada, US
L57 Pahrump [Hidden Hills Airport], Nevada, US
08U North Fork [Stevens-Crosby Airport], Nevada, US
L92 Alamo [Alamo Landing Field], Nevada, US
7NV8 Ely/Pioche [Geyser Ranch Airport], Nevada, US
NV89 Crescent Valley [Red Owl Ranch Airport], Nevada, US
2NV2 Sparks [Gibb Ranch Airport], Nevada, US
22NV Winnemucca [Humboldt General Hospital EMS Heliport], Nevada, US
GC0081 Dead Horse Flat [Cheshire Airstrip], Nevada, US
NV69 Sparks [Northern Nevada Medical Center Heliport], Nevada, US
0L4 Goldfield [Lida Junction Airport], Nevada, US
NV83 Round Mountain [Hadley Airport], Nevada, US
26NV Fallon [Darrow Field], Nevada, US
0L7 Jean, Nevada, US

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