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Location codes 121-140 of 474 in Colorado, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
86CO Berthoud [Lazy W Airport], Colorado, US
8V7 Springfield [Muni], Colorado, US
53CO Two Buttes [Rons Field], Colorado, US
6CO8 Montrose [West Area Pwr Admin Ops Center Heliport], Colorado, US
CD53 Lone Tree [Sky Ridge Medical Center Heliport], Colorado, US
CD78 Wolf Creek [Coal Bank Pass Heliport], Colorado, US
CD45 Elizabeth [Flyin' B Ranch Airport], Colorado, US
CD99 Steamboat Springs [Lucky L Ranch Airport], Colorado, US
7V8 Julesburg [Muni], Colorado, US
54CO Craig [The Memorial Hospital Heliport], Colorado, US
4CO2 Wellington [Owl Canyon Gliderport], Colorado, US
22CO Brighton [Flying E Airport], Colorado, US
CO39 Elbert [Flying G Air Ranch Airport], Colorado, US
37CO Olathe [Ash Mesa Heliport], Colorado, US
CD01 Cotopaxi [Lowe Airstrip], Colorado, US
9V7 Eads [Muni], Colorado, US
50CO Castle Rock [Castle Rock Adventist Health Campus Heliport], Colorado, US
CD69 South Fork [Morning Shadows Ranch Airport], Colorado, US
7V5 Brush [Muni], Colorado, US
33CO San Luis [Melby Ranch Airstrip], Colorado, US

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