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Location codes 81-100 of 158 near location 2842'06"N 13925'36"W omitting 200+ locations of other types (show all types):

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KPVU PVU PVU Provo [Muni], Utah, US (1759 mi / 2832 km NE)
KSLC SLC SLC Salt Lake City [Intl], Utah, US (1760 mi / 2832 km NE)
KOGD OGD OGD Ogden [Ogden-Hinckley Airport], Utah, US (1767 mi / 2844 km NE)
KSOW SOW SOW Show Low [Show Low Regional], Arizona, US (1772 mi / 2852 km E)
KPIH PIH PIH Pocatello [Pocatello Regional], Idaho, US (1785 mi / 2873 km NE)
KCOE COE COE Coeur d'Alene [Coeur d'Alene - Pappy Boyington Field], Idaho, US (1787 mi / 2877 km NE)
KLGU LGU LGU Logan [Logan-Cache Airport], Utah, US (1790 mi / 2881 km NE)
KIDA IDA IDA Idaho Falls [Idaho Falls Regional], Idaho, US (1826 mi / 2939 km NE)
KCNY CNY CNY Moab [Canyonlands Field], Utah, US (1834 mi / 2951 km NE)
KMSO MSO MSO Missoula [Intl], Montana, US (1855 mi / 2986 km NE)
KSVC SVC SVC Silver City [Grant County Airport], New Mexico, US (1875 mi / 3017 km E)
KVEL VEL VEL Vernal [Vernal Regional], Utah, US (1875 mi / 3018 km NE)
PAKT KTN KTN Ketchikan [Intl], Alaska, US (1879 mi / 3024 km N)
KBTM BTM BTM Butte [Bert Mooney Airport], Montana, US (1885 mi / 3034 km NE)
KJAC JAC JAC Jackson [Jackson Hole Airport], Wyoming, US (1890 mi / 3042 km NE)
KFMN FMN FMN Farmington [Four Corners Regional], New Mexico, US (1890 mi / 3042 km NE)
KGJT GJT GJT Grand Junction [Grand Junction Regional (Walker Field)], Colorado, US (1904 mi / 3064 km NE)
KWYS WYS WYS West Yellowstone [Yellowstone Airport], Montana, US (1904 mi / 3064 km NE)
KGPI FCA GPI Kalispell [Glacier Park Intl], Montana, US (1904 mi / 3064 km NE)
KDRO DRO DRO Durango [Durango-La Plata County Airport], Colorado, US (1920 mi / 3090 km NE)

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