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Location codes 1-20 of 158 near location 28░42'06"N 139░25'36"W omitting 200+ locations of other types (show all types):

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KMRY MRY MRY Monterey [Monterey Regional], California, US (1158 mi / 1863 km NE)
KSFO SFO SFO San Francisco [Intl], California, US (1161 mi / 1868 km NE)
PHTO ITO ITO Hilo [Hilo Intl], Hawaii, Hawaii, US (1162 mi / 1870 km SW)
KSTS STS STS Santa Rosa [Charles M Schulz - Sonoma County Airport], California, US (1169 mi / 1882 km NE)
KOAK OAK OAK Oakland [Metropolitan Oakland Intl], California, US (1172 mi / 1886 km NE)
KSJC SJC SJC San JosÚ [Norman Y. Mineta San JosÚ Intl], California, US (1175 mi / 1891 km NE)
KCCR CCR CCR Concord [Buchanan Field], California, US (1188 mi / 1912 km NE)
KSBP SBP SBP San Luis Obispo [San Luis County Regional], California, US (1189 mi / 1914 km NE)
KSMX SMX SMX Santa Maria [Santa Maria Pub/Capt G Allan Hancock Field], California, US (1193 mi / 1919 km NE)
PHOG OGG OGG Kahului, Maui, Hawaii, US (1194 mi / 1921 km SW)
PHJH JHM JHM Lahaina [Kapalua Airport], Maui, Hawaii, US (1205 mi / 1940 km W)
KACV ACV ACV Arcata/Eureka [California Redwood Coast-Humboldt County Airport], California, US (1211 mi / 1948 km NE)
PHKO KOA KOA Kailua/Kona [Ellison Onizuka Kona Intl at Keahole], Hawaii, Hawaii, US (1215 mi / 1955 km SW)
KSBA SBA SBA Santa Barbara [Muni], California, US (1218 mi / 1961 km NE)
PHMK MKK MKK Kaunakakai [Molokai Airport], Molokai, Hawaii, US (1223 mi / 1968 km W)
KSCK SCK SCK Stockton [Stockton Metropolitan Airport], California, US (1225 mi / 1972 km NE)
PHNY LNY LNY Lanai City [Lanai Airport], Lanai, Hawaii, US (1227 mi / 1975 km W)
KSMF SMF SMF Sacramento [Intl], California, US (1233 mi / 1985 km NE)
KCEC CEC CEC Crescent City [Jack McNamara Field], California, US (1242 mi / 1998 km NE)
KOXR OXR OXR Oxnard, California, US (1250 mi / 2012 km NE)

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