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Location codes 41-60 of 200 near location 37°00'48"N 98°38'56"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
ZUGH GHN Guanghan (Guanyin) [Chongdu/Changhan], Sichuan, CN (530 mi / 853 km SE)
ZUDC DCY Daocheng [Daocheng Yading Airport], Sangdui, Sichuan, CN (536 mi / 863 km S)
ZUUU CTU Chengdu [Shuangliu Intl], Sichuan, CN (538 mi / 866 km SE)
ZUXJ Xinjin, Sichuan, CN (544 mi / 875 km SE)
(ZLHZ) (HZG) Hanzhong [Hanzhong Xiguan Airport], Shaanxi, CN (546 mi / 879 km SE)
ZMBR Bulagtai, Ömnögovi, MN (547 mi / 880 km NE)
ZMDZ DLZ Dalanzadgad [Dalanzadgad Airport], Ömnögovi, MN (547 mi / 880 km NE)
ZLHZ HZG Hanzhong [Hanzhong Chenggu Airport (Chenggu AB)], Shaanxi, CN (553 mi / 891 km SE)
ZBYZ RLK Bayannur [Bayannur Tianjitai Airport], Inner Mongolia, CN (559 mi / 899 km NE)
ZUBZ BZX Bazhong [Bazhong Enyang Airport], Sichuan, CN (584 mi / 939 km SE)
ZUNZ LZY Nyingchi (Linzhi, Kang-Ko, Milin) [Mainling], Tibet, CN (587 mi / 945 km SW)
ZMTT Tavan Tolgoi [Tavan Tolgoi Airport], Ömnögovi, MN (592 mi / 953 km NE)
ZLLT Xi'an (Xian) [Lintong], Shaanxi, CN (594 mi / 956 km E)
ZLXY XIY Xi'an (Xian) [Xianyang Intl], Shaanxi, CN (594 mi / 957 km E)
ZWRQ RQA Ruoqiang [Ruoqiang Loulan Airport], Xinjiang, CN (596 mi / 959 km W)
ZLYA ENY Yan'an [Nanniwan Airport], Shaanxi, CN (601 mi / 967 km E)
ZWSS SXJ Shanshan, Xinjiang, CN (603 mi / 971 km NW)
(ZLYA) (ENY) Yan'an [Ershilipu Airport], Shaanxi, CN (605 mi / 973 km E)
ZMKB Khanbogd [Khanbumbat Airport (Oyu Tolgoi Airport, Oyut Airport)], Ömnögovi, MN (606 mi / 975 km NE)
ZUNC NAO Nanchong, Sichuan, CN (606 mi / 975 km SE)

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