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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 3700'48"N 9838'56"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
ZLDL HXD Delingha [Delingha Airport], Qinghai, CN (77 mi / 123 km W)
ZLHB HBQ Qilian [Haibei Qilian Airport], Tibet, CN (129 mi / 208 km NE)
ZLZY YZY Zhangye [Zhangye Ganzhou Airport (Zhangye Southeast AB)], Gansu, CN (166 mi / 267 km NE)
GC0013 UNKNOWN, Gansu, CN (176 mi / 283 km N)
ZLXN XNN Xining (Haidong) [Xining Caojiabao Airport], Qinghai, CN (191 mi / 308 km E)
ZLJQ JGN Jiayuguan City [Jiayuguan Airport (Jiuquan Airport)], Gansu, CN (197 mi / 317 km N)
ZLGL GMQ Golog [Golog Maqin Airport], Qinghai, CN (202 mi / 325 km SE)
ZLGM GOQ Golmud [Golmud Airport], Qinghai, CN (219 mi / 352 km W)
ZBAR RHT Badanjilin [Alxa Right Banner Badanjilin Airport], Inner Mongolia, CN (223 mi / 359 km NE)
ZLWW Nanning [Nanning Wuwei Airport], Gansu, CN (226 mi / 363 km E)
ZLJC JIC Jinchang [Jinchang Airport], Gansu, CN (228 mi / 367 km NE)
GC0006 Shuangchengzi, Gansu, CN (242 mi / 389 km N)
ZLXH GXH Xiahe [Gannan Xiahe Airport], Gansu, CN (271 mi / 436 km SE)
ZLLL LHW Lanzhou [Lanzhou Zhongchuan Intl (Lanzhou West)], Gansu, CN (278 mi / 447 km E)
ZLAN (LHW) Lanzhou [Lanzhou City], Gansu, CN (283 mi / 456 km E)
ZLLD LZD Lanzhou [Lanzhoudong], Gansu, CN (286 mi / 460 km E)
GC0005 Jiuquan Space Launch Facility (Hexixincun) [South Launch Center / LA4], Inner Mongolia, CN (286 mi / 460 km N)
ZLDH DNH Dunhuang, Gansu, CN (301 mi / 484 km NW)
ZLYS YUS Yushu [Yushu Batang Airport], Qinghai, CN (302 mi / 486 km S)
GC0004 Jiuquan Space Launch Facility (Shuang Cheng-Tzu) [LA2], Inner Mongolia, CN (308 mi / 495 km N)

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