Featured Map for 21 May 2019:
U.S. to Haneda Proposed Allocations for 2020


Last Thursday, the U.S. Department of Transportation proposed allocations of 12 additional daytime slot pairs for operations at Tokyo Haneda which are expected to become available at the start of summer 2020. These slot pairs are in addition to five daytime and one nighttime/early morning slot pairs. The existing daytime slot pairs are allocated as follows:

The nighttime slot pair is allocated to Hawaiian for service from Honolulu 4x weekly and Kona 3x weekly.

Four U.S. airlines requested a total of 19 allocations for the 12 planned slot pairs. The requests, in preference order for each airline, were as follows:

Today's Featured Map shows the 12 proposed new allocation, with American's routes in red, Delta's in navy blue, Hawaiian's in violet, and United's in teal ("Pacific Blue"). (An orthographic projection centered on Anchorage is used.)

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