Featured Maps: US-Haneda Tentative Allocations (8 May 2010)

Yesterday, the US Department of Transportation issued a Show Cause Order tentatively allocating four available slot pairs in the 2010 U.S.-Haneda Combination Services Allocation Proceeding. On 26 January 2010, the DOT had invited U.S. air carriers to apply for four newly available slot pairs for services between the United States and Tokyo's Haneda Airport once a fourth runway opens at Haneda, which is currently scheduled to occur in October 2010. Six airlines requested a total of eleven slot pairs, with tentative allocations in bold:

Carrier Gateway Aircraft
American JFK, LAX Boeing 777-200ER
Continental EWR Boeing 777-200ER
Continental Micronesia GUM Boeing 767-400ER
Delta SEA Airbus A330-300
  DTW, LAX, HNL Boeing 747-400
Hawaiian HNL, 2nd HNL Boeing 767-300ER
United SFO Boeing 777-200ER

These requests are illustrated in the map below, with tentative allocations in dark blue:

US-Haneda tentative awards


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