Featured Map for 2 February 2018:
Super Bowl Shuttles


Many sports fans will be flying to Minneapolis for Sunday's Super Bowl LII between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots football teams. Both Delta Air Lines and United Airlines announced extra flights to Minneapolis for today and tomorrow to augment their regular schedules, with corresponding flights returning from Minneapolis on Monday. (American Airlines may also be operating extra flights but made no special announcement.)

Delta already operates multiple daily flights from Philadelphia and Boston to MSP, their second-largest hub, This schedule is being augmented by ten additional flights over the next two days. Today, four extra flights will fly from each airport to MSP, followed by another extra flight from each airport tomorrow. All ten flights are being flown with Boeing 757-200 aircraft, as are the eleven return flights on Monday (with Boston getting six flights).

United doesn't have a hub in the home market of either team, nor in the host city, but will be flying a 737-800 from Philadelphia and a 777-200 from Boston today. United is also operating extra flights from all seven of its hubs in the contiguous United States today and tomorrow plus, on Saturday, a flight from Providence, Rhode Island for New England fans southwest of Boston. Most of these flights will use Boeing 737s though one flight from Newark will use the same 777 that will fly from Boston later in the day. Saturday, an Airbus A320 will fly from Houston and Boeing 757-300s will fly from Denver and San Francisco. Monday's return flights will similarly use a mix of aircraft. Curiously, no extra flight to Houston is scheduled.

Today's Featured Map shows the routes being served by these extra flights for fans, with Delta's flights in red and United's in blue.

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