Featured Map for 7 February 2016:
Super Bowl Shuffle


Super Bowl 50, between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos, is being played at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California, barely four miles (6.8 km) from San Josť International Airport. A Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) limits flight operations starting 90 minutes before the game within 32- and 10-nm radii of a point near the stadium, with more strict limits inside the 10-nm Inner Core.

The preceeding Sunday, the two teams arrived on chartered flights. The Broncos arrived from Denver first, aboard United Airlines Boeing 767-424ER N76064 (SN 29459 / LN 873). The aircraft then ferried to San Francisco, but one minute before its departure American Airlines Airbus A330-243 N287AY (SN 1417) arrived from from Charlotte with the Panthers. The Panthers' aircraft ferried back to Charlotte and then returned to its regular international flying.

In contrast, the Broncos' aircraft has mostly been dedicated. United had taken the aircraft out of service several days earlier to receive a modified livery with titles in Denver Broncos Orange, and apparently planned to park the aircraft at SFO except when it was needed for the Broncos. It flew a scheduled flight to Honolulu Monday afternoon, returning early Tuesday morning, but that was likely a substitution for an out-of-service aircraft. Its only other flying was on Thursday when it flew another Broncos charter DEN-SJC.

Today's Featured Map shows the two rings of the TFR plus last Sunday's team charters and the ferry flights which followed.

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