Featured Map for 18 January 2018:
The Long and the Short of the Pacific


This afternoon, Hawaiian Airlines will launch their first new route with the Airbus A321neo, flying from Kahului, Maui to Portland, Oregon. (The A321neo debuted with Hawaiian eight days ago, replacing the larger Airbus A330 on existing service from Maui to Oakland.) The return service to Hawaii will start the next morning.

Less than three hours later, United Airlines will launch a new route using the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, spanning the width of the Pacific Ocean from Houston to Sydney, with the return service starting two days later. This route will be United's second-longest after Los Angeles to Singapore, which started on 27 October 2017, and will be the fourth-longest scheduled flight by great-circle distance.

Today's Featured Map shows these two new routes over the Pacific Ocean.

HA 40OGG-PDX 1:15 pm8:25 pm 18 Jan 2018Airbus A321neo
HA 39PDX-OGG 8:00 am12:00 pm 19 Jan 2018Airbus A321neo
UA 101IAH-SYD 8:00 pm6:30 am(+2) 18 Jan 2018Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
UA 100SYD-IAH 11:50 am10:30 am 20 Jan 2018Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

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