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21 Longest Flights for Great Circle Mapper's 21st Birthday


Today is the Great Circle Mapper's 21st birthday, a birthday which is often regarded as a major milestone. To celebrate, today's Featured Map shows the 21 longest routes currently served by scheduled airline service, as measured by the great circle distance between the city pairs.

The following table lists these 21 routes. (Several sources were used in its compilation; other lists differ due to erroneous distances and other issues.)

1DOH-AKL9,032 mi / 14,536 kmQR 921Boeing 777-200LR
2DXB-AKL8,824 mi / 14,201 kmEK 449Airbus A380-800
3SYD-DFW8,578 mi / 13,805 kmQF 8Airbus A380-800
4SFO-SIN8,447 mi / 13,594 kmUA 1Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
SQ 31Airbus A350-900
5JNB-ATL8,439 mi / 13,581 kmDL 201Boeing 777-200LR
6AUH-LAX8,390 mi / 13,502 kmEY 171Boeing 777-200LR
7DXB-LAX8,339 mi / 13,420 kmEK 215, 217Airbus A380-800
8JED-LAX8,332 mi / 13,409 kmSV 41Boeing 777-300ER
9DOH-LAX8,306 mi / 13,367 kmQR 739Boeing 777-200LR
10DXB-IAH8,168 mi / 13,145 kmEK 211Airbus A380-800
11AUH-SFO8,158 mi / 13,129 kmEY 183Boeing 777-200LR
12DFW-HKG8,123 mi / 13,073 kmAA 125Boeing 777-300ER
13DXB-SFO8,104 mi / 13,042 kmEK 225Airbus A380-800
14AUH-DFW8,072 mi / 12,991 kmEY 161Boeing 777-200LR
15HKG-JFK8,072 mi / 12,991 kmCX 831, 841, 845Boeing 777-300ER
16EWR-HKG8,066 mi / 12,981 kmUA 179Boeing 777-200ER
17DOH-IAH8,049 mi / 12,954 kmQR 713Boeing 777-200LR
18DXB-DFW8,041 mi / 12,941 kmEK 221Boeing 777-200LR
19PVG-MEX8,026 mi / 12,917 kmAM 99Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner
20DEL-LAX8,014 mi / 12,897 kmAI 175Boeing 777-200LR
21CAN-JFK8,002 mi / 12,878 kmCZ 300Boeing 777-300ER

Late next month, LAX-SIN will return to this list (in the #3 position) when United Airlines starts flying it with the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. This route was last operated about five years ago, by Singapore Airlines using an Airbus A340-500. An even longer route is planned next March when Qantas begins flying PER-LHR with the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

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