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Rare Birds: Boeing 767-400ER


Boeing's 767-400ER is an uncommon aircraft, with just 38 examples built. Delta Air Lines launched the 767 derivative on 28 April 1997 with an order for 21 aircraft. Continental Airlines followed with an order for 26 aircraft (subsequently reduced to 16) on 10 October 1997 and operated the 767-400ER's first revenue service on 14 September 2000. One final example was built and now serves as a VIP aircraft for Bahrain Royal Flight.

Delta's aircraft are deployed on 12 daily trips from their Atlanta hub and another seven from New York (JFK), mostly to Europe plus a couple of destinations in South America from Atlanta and one round-trip to Los Angeles from JFK. Athens had daily service from JFK but last Friday that was switched to Zrich (from Atlanta).

This summer, United is operating seven 767-400ER trips from each of their East Coast hubs. Newark has flights to six European destinations plus one to San Juan. Washington (Dulles) has flights to four cities in Europe and one flight each to United's Houston hub, Honolulu, and So Paulo. During the off season, the 767-400ER seems to be United's favored tool for sports charters, including the Denver Broncos trip to the Super Bowl last year and flying the Chicago Cubs home after winning the World Series.

Today's Featured Map shows the current scheduled routes operated by the 767-400ER, with Delta's flights in red and United's in blue.

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