Featured Map for 20 March 2016:
Irish Spring


Aer Lingus operates a fleet of 36 narrow-body Airbus aircraft (33 A320s and three A321s) on flights within Europe and to the Canary Islands, in addition to the long-haul fleet which was featured on St. Patrick's Day. As with the trans-Atlantic flights, the hub for most of the shorter flights is Dublin, but Aer Lingus also flies to five destinations from Cork, plus flights to London from Belfast, Shannon, and Knock (Connaught). With today being the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere, and many parts of the north turning green, it seemed fitting to look at this part of the Aer Lingus operation.

Today's Featured Map shows the routes from Dublin in bright green, with other routes in darker green. In addition, nine airports which receive infrequent service are shown without paths. Most of these are proably charters with an occasional diversion.

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