Featured Map for 17 March 2016:
Aer Lingus Trans-Atlantic


St. Patrick's Day is a celebration of all things Irish, so it seems fitting to highlight Aer Lingus today. Though overshadowed in some ways by Ryanair, Aer Lingus is the only Irish carrier if you want to fly across the Atlantic Ocean, with eight Airbus A330s (four each -200 and -300 models) and three Boeing 757-200s which fly across the pond. Another 36 single-aisle Airbus aircraft fly shorter routes within Europe.

Today's Featured Map shows the six routes Aer Lingus flies from Dublin to North America using A330 aircraft, plus the two routes flown using the Boeing 757. Boston is the #1 North American destination with twice-daily A330 service plus daily 757 service from Shannon, the only trans-Atlantic route Aer Lingus flies from Shannon. The other 757 route is to Toronto, the only Canadian destination for Aer Lingus.

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