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Location codes 1-20 of 46 in Yukon, Canada:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
CYXY YXY Whitehorse [Erik Nielsen Whitehorse Intl], Yukon, CA
CYMA YMA Mayo [Mayo Airport], Yukon, CA
CYDA YDA Dawson City, Yukon, CA
CYOC YOC Old Crow [Old Crow Airport], Yukon, CA
CWAT Babbage River (MAPS), Yukon, CA
CYQH YQH Watson Lake [Watson Lake Airport], Yukon, CA
CYXQ YXQ Beaver Creek, Yukon, CA
CYHT YHT Haines Junction [Haines Junction Airport], Yukon, CA
CYDM XRR Ross River [Ross River Airport], Yukon, CA
CZFA ZFA Faro [Faro Airport], Yukon, CA
CWRR Rock River (MAPS), Yukon, CA
CYDB YDB Burwash Landings, Yukon, CA
CYZW YZW Teslin, Yukon, CA
CWUM Faro (MARS), Yukon, CA
CYAJ Komakuk Beach, Yukon, CA
XMP CFC4 Macmillan Pass [Macmillan Pass Airport], Yukon, CA
CYUA Shingle Point, Yukon, CA
YXF Snake River, Yukon, CA
YLM Clinton Creek [Clinton Creek Airport], Yukon, CA
CWOP King Point (MAPS), Yukon, CA

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