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Location codes 81-100 of 546 in Wisconsin, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
78WI Osseo [Mayo Clinic Health System-Oakridge Heliport], Wisconsin, US
WS38 Eau Claire [Mayo Clinic Health System-Eau Claire Heliport], Wisconsin, US
8WN8 Ellison Bay [Mave's Lakeview Road Airport], Wisconsin, US
WS76 New London [Black Dog Farm Airport], Wisconsin, US
WI75 Stockholm [Bogus Creek Airport], Wisconsin, US
4WN7 Green Bay [Aegis Heliport], Wisconsin, US
91C Prairie Du Sac [Sauk-Prairie Airport], Wisconsin, US
WS20 Fort McCoy [Young Tactical Landing Site Airport], Wisconsin, US
3WI4 Wausau [Flying 'O' Airport], Wisconsin, US
WI35 New Richmond [Ceder Lake SPB], Wisconsin, US
WI22 Hortonville [Rocket City Airport], Wisconsin, US
18WI Poy Sippi [Leach Farms Heliport], Wisconsin, US
8D1 New Holstein [Muni], Wisconsin, US
7WI3 Green Bay [St. Vincent Hospital Heliport], Wisconsin, US
3WN4 New London [Mark's Park & Airfield], Wisconsin, US
2WN3 New London [Curns Airport], Wisconsin, US
2WI1 Stoughton [Uff-Da Airport], Wisconsin, US
65WN Wiota [Whoopy Hollow Aerodrome], Wisconsin, US
68WI La Crosse [Mayo Clinic Health System-Franciscan Healthcare Heliport], Wisconsin, US
23WS Milwaukee [Columbia St. Mary's Heliport], Wisconsin, US

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