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Location codes 401-420 of 552 in Washington, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
WN54 Newman Lake [Ellerport Airport], Washington, US
8WA3 Renton [Valley Medical Center Heliport], Washington, US
31WA Tacoma [Mary Bridge Heliport], Washington, US
45WA Yakima [Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital Heliport], Washington, US
WN04 Elk [Elk Heights Airport], Washington, US
5WA7 Centerville [Wild Hair Airport], Washington, US
4WA4 Lopez Island [Windsock Airport], Washington, US
WA65 Bremerton [Washington Ntl Guard - Sinclair Heights Heliport], Washington, US
S95 College Place [Martin Field], Washington, US
WA34 Newhalem [Newhalem Office Heliport], Washington, US
WA76 Selah [Dogs Run Free Airport], Washington, US
7WA9 Ilwaco [Ocean Beach Hospital Heliport], Washington, US
6WA1 Camas [Sampson Heliport], Washington, US
1WA7 Elma [Muni], Washington, US
68S Davenport, Washington, US
59WA Tenino [Sorrell Airport], Washington, US
WA66 White Salmon [Spring Creek Ranch Airport], Washington, US
2WA4 Bainbridge Island [Bainbridge Island Fire Department Heliport], Washington, US
6S9 Stehekin [Stehekin State Airport], Washington, US
2S8 Wilbur, Washington, US

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