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Location codes 401-420 of 562 in Washington, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
6S9 Stehekin [Stehekin State Airport], Washington, US
06WN Yelm [Western Airpark], Washington, US
7WA7 Ashford [Kautz Creek Helibase Heliport], Washington, US
52WA Benge [Honn Farm Airport], Washington, US
3WA6 Elma [Summit Pacific Medical Center Heliport], Washington, US
WN58 Olympia [Capital Medical Center Heliport], Washington, US
5WA5 Wapato [Rules Roost Airport], Washington, US
73WA Davenport [7 Bays Airport], Washington, US
0WN2 Kennewick [Coopers Landing Airport], Washington, US
87WA Kennewick [Trios Women & Childrens Hospital Heliport], Washington, US
0WA0 Machias [Streamline Heliport], Washington, US
WA24 Pasco [Pfister's Airport], Washington, US
82WN Rice [Magee Creek Aerodrome], Washington, US
WN79 Winslow [Haley Heliport], Washington, US
S97 Brewster [Anderson Field], Washington, US
WN80 Kelso [Walters Arv Ultralight Flightpark], Washington, US
8AN6 Medical Lake [Isaacson Airport], Washington, US
WA84 Auburn [Auburn Academy Airport], Washington, US
5WA9 Brush Prairie [Brush Prairie Aerodrome], Washington, US
WN52 Cougar [Cougar Heliport], Washington, US

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