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Location codes 21-40 of 548 in Washington, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KALW ALW ALW Walla Walla [Walla Walla Regional], Washington, US
KKLS KLS KLS Kelso [Southwest Washington Regional], Washington, US
KOLM OLM OLM Olympia [Olympia Regional], Washington, US
KSKA SKA SKA Spokane [Fairchild AFB], Washington, US
KFHR FHR FHR Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, Washington, US
KBVS MVW BVS Burlington/Mount Vernon [Skagit Regional], Washington, US
KAWO AWO Arlington [Muni], Washington, US
KPWT PWT PWT Bremerton [Bremerton NTL Airport], Washington, US
LPS 81W Lopez Island [Fishermans Bay SPB], Washington, US
KTIW TIW TIW Tacoma [Tacoma Narrows Airport], Washington, US
KSFF SFF SFF Spokane [Felts Field], Washington, US
KORS ESD ORS Eastsound [Orcas Island Airport], Orcas Island, Washington, US
KHQM HQM HQM Hoquiam [Bowerman Airport], Washington, US
KEPH EPH EPH Ephrata [Muni], Washington, US
KNOW NOW Port Angeles [Port Angeles CGAS Airport], Washington, US
KSHN SHN SHN Shelton [Sanderson Field], Washington, US
BWS 4W6 Blaine [Muni], Washington, US
PUL 83Q Poulsbo [Port of Poulsbo Marina Moorage SPB], Washington, US
W56 Vancouver [Fly For Fun Airport], Washington, US
KOMK OMK OMK Omak, Washington, US

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