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Location codes 321-340 of 548 in Washington, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
WA25 Granite Falls [Green Valley Airfield], Washington, US
7WA1 Port Angeles [Eclipse Heliport], Washington, US
WN55 Randle [Randle-Kiona Airpark], Washington, US
9WA7 Buckley [Albritton Airport], Washington, US
WN06 Walla Walla [Walla Walla General Hospital Heliport], Washington, US
59AS Battle Ground [Becker Field], Washington, US
W58 Battle Ground [Cedars North Airport], Washington, US
27WA Conway [JC's Airport], Washington, US
R49 Republic [Ferry County Airport], Washington, US
66WA Trout Lake, Washington, US
WA32 Kirkland [Seaplane Scenics SPB at Carillon Point], Washington, US
21H Anacortes [Skyline SPB], Fidalgo Island, Washington, US
69S Laurier [Avey Field], Washington, US
79WT Ellensburg [Rotor Ranch Airport], Washington, US
1WA9 Friday Harbor [Friday West Airport], San Juan Island, Washington, US
13W Stanwood [Camano Island Airfield], Camoano Island, Washington, US
46WA Yakima [Don Williams Heliport (Private)], Washington, US
WA18 Decatur Island [Decatur Airport (Jones)], Washington, US
44WA White Salmon [Skyline Hospital EMS Heliport], Washington, US
WN07 Anacortes [Decatur Shores Airport], Decatur Island, Washington, US

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