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Location codes 1-20 of 92 in Vermont, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KBTV BTV BTV Burlington [Intl], Vermont, US
KMPV MPV MPV Barre/Montpelier [Edward F Knapp State Airport], Vermont, US
KRUT RUT RUT Rutland [Rutland - Southern Vermont Regional], Vermont, US
KFSO FSO Highgate [Franklin County State Airport], Vermont, US
KMVL MVL MVL Morrisville [Morrisville-Stowe State Airport], Vermont, US
KDDH DDH Bennington [William H Morse State Airport], Vermont, US
KEFK EFK EFK Newport [Northeast Kingdom Intl], Vermont, US
KVSF VSF VSF Springfield [Hartness State Airport (Springfield)], Vermont, US
KCDA LLX CDA Lyndonville [Caledonia County Airport], Vermont, US
VT42 Morrisville [Two Tails Airport], Vermont, US
VT59 Manchester [Ardell Flying Field], Vermont, US
VT52 Milton [Shaw Meadow Airport], Vermont, US
VT15 Grand Isle [Savage Island Airport], Vermont, US
VT25 South Burlington [Sky Acres Airport], Vermont, US
04VT Cabot [Lightning Bolt Field], Vermont, US
VT62 Cabot [Catamount Airfield], Vermont, US
VT36 Burlington [MCHV Heliport], Vermont, US
VT11 Addison [Ass-Pirin Acres Airport], Vermont, US
05VT Highgate Springs [Port of Highgate Springs Heliport], Vermont, US
4V8 West Dover [Deerfield Valley Regional], Vermont, US

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