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Location codes 21-40 of 318 in New Jersey, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
JVI 47N Manville [Central Jersey Regional], New Jersey, US
KOBI OBI Woodbine [Muni], New Jersey, US
ZRA Atlantic City [Railway Station], New Jersey, US
KSMQ SMQ Somerville [Somerset Airport], New Jersey, US
1NJ1 New Brunswick [Rutger's Helistop Sec A & B], New Jersey, US
NJ62 New Lisbon [LZ 1 NLDC Heliport], New Jersey, US
5NJ5 Trenton [Atsion Helistop], New Jersey, US
21NJ Mahwah [Bergen County Police & Fire Academy Heliport], New Jersey, US
39NJ Totowa [Troop B Heliport], New Jersey, US
JY15 Medford [My Girls Helistop], New Jersey, US
NJ08 Cape May Court House [Stone Harbor Golf Club Heliport], New Jersey, US
10NJ Trenton [St. Francis M C Helistop], New Jersey, US
(KAIY) (AIY) Atlantic City [Muni/Bader Field], New Jersey, US (Airport is no longer in operation)
26NJ Cape May Court House [Cape Regional Medical Center Heliport], New Jersey, US
89NJ Mays Landing [Strawberry Fields Airport], New Jersey, US
19N Berlin [Pine Valley Airport], New Jersey, US
NJ97 Mount Laurel [New Jersey Turnpike Authority Heliport], New Jersey, US
NJ53 Fords [New Jersey Highway Authority-Admin Building Helispot Heliport], New Jersey, US
1JY4 Trenton [Hamilton Headquarter Troop C Heliport], New Jersey, US
NJ92 Newark [St. Benedict's Heliport], New Jersey, US

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