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Location codes 201-220 of 323 in New Jersey, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
NJ29 Cranbury [South County Heliport], New Jersey, US
1NJ3 Parsippanny [Gaf Helistop], New Jersey, US
N12 Lakewood, New Jersey, US
N40 Pittstown [Sky Manor Airport], New Jersey, US
33NJ Freehold [Centra State Medical Center Heliport], New Jersey, US
N81 Hammonton [Muni], New Jersey, US
JY08 Woodstown [Var-Sky Airport], New Jersey, US
90NJ Bridgewater [Bridgewater Crossing Heliport], New Jersey, US
NJ85 Franklin [Atrium Heliport at Somerset], New Jersey, US
NJ79 Lambertville [Goat Hill Airport], New Jersey, US
34NJ Bridgeton [Blews Airport], New Jersey, US
38NJ Manahawkin [WJRZ Radio Heliport], New Jersey, US
NJ23 Willingboro [Colgate Palmolive Heliport], New Jersey, US
NJ13 Bordentown [Newbold Island Heliport], New Jersey, US
NJ69 Hammonton [Ideal Air Strip], New Jersey, US
7N7 Pedricktown [Spitfire Aerodrome], New Jersey, US
NJ01 Camden [Campbell Soup Heliport], New Jersey, US
2NJ8 Hightstown [Peddie School Heliport], New Jersey, US
NJ04 Atco [AT&T Cedarbrook Heliport], New Jersey, US
JY31 Bridgeton [Wide Sky Airpark], New Jersey, US

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