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Location codes 101-120 of 259 in Nebraska, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
64V Wallace [Muni], Nebraska, US
0C4 Pender [Muni], Nebraska, US
09K Sargent [Muni], Nebraska, US
97Y Genoa [Muni], Nebraska, US
77NE Auburn [Nemaha County Hospital Heliport], Nebraska, US
4D9 Alma [Muni], Nebraska, US
8NE5 Ericson [X1 Ranch Airport], Nebraska, US
NE75 Dakota City [Kristijanto Airstrip], Nebraska, US
1NE2 Callaway [Witthuhn Airport], Nebraska, US
NE68 Norfolk [Faith Regional Health Services West Campus Heliport], Nebraska, US
NE80 Roca [Hausmann Airfield], Nebraska, US
NE34 Sidney [Fehringer Aerodrome], Nebraska, US
05NE Spalding [McKay Airport], Nebraska, US
6NE0 Wallace [Van Boening Airport], Nebraska, US
HOME Homestead National Monument of America [Homestead NM], Nebraska, US
NE08 Lamar [Larrabee Farm Airport], Nebraska, US
0NE0 Ashby [Merrihew Airport], Nebraska, US
5NE8 Nebraska City [St. Mary's Community Hospital Heliport], Nebraska, US
22NE Omaha [Lakeside Hospital Heliport], Nebraska, US
NE46 Greeley [Muni], Nebraska, US

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