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Location codes 221-240 of 257 in Nebraska, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
NE67 Hoskins [Falk Air Field], Nebraska, US
15NE Upland [Sindt Airport], Nebraska, US
NE51 Royal [Dennys Playground Airport], Nebraska, US
9NE2 Carleton [Folkerts Airport], Nebraska, US
1NE6 Dalton [Miller Airstrip], Nebraska, US
8NE6 Franklin [Franklin's Plainview Airport], Nebraska, US
NE09 Norfolk [Simpson Airport], Nebraska, US
NE83 Henderson [Boardman Airfield], Nebraska, US
60NE Chadron [Chadron Community Hospital Heliport], Nebraska, US
NE62 Madison [Ochsner Heliport], Nebraska, US
NE36 Anselmo [Werner Ranch Airfield], Nebraska, US
40NE Bartlett [Landgren Ranch Airport], Nebraska, US
NE12 Franklin [Center Creek Field], Nebraska, US
88NE Johnson [Ensor Field], Nebraska, US
NE20 Steinauer [Bernadt Airport], Nebraska, US
NE95 Culbertson [Frenchman Airport], Nebraska, US
2NE3 Hickman [Rusty Crankshaft Airport], Nebraska, US
NE14 Ogallala [Ogallala Community Hospital Heliport], Nebraska, US
NE30 Holdrege [Olson Field], Nebraska, US
79NE Cambridge [Cambridge Memorial Hospital Heliport], Nebraska, US

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