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Location codes 261-280 of 468 in Minnesota, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
MN27 Edina [Fairview Southdale Hospital Heliport], Minnesota, US
86MN Bagley [Sanford Bagley Heliport], Minnesota, US
91MN Canby [Sanford Canby Medical Center Heliport], Minnesota, US
MY01 Warren [Roan Airport], Minnesota, US
MN12 Laporte [Robco Airport], Minnesota, US
8Y6 Clear Lake [Leaders Clear Lake Airport], Minnesota, US
04W Hinckley [Field of Dreams Airport], Minnesota, US
5MN3 Hibbing [University Medical Center Mesabi Heliport], Minnesota, US
6MN3 Howard Lake [McKeen SPB], Minnesota, US
MN98 Belview [Donner Airport], Minnesota, US
4MN5 Graceville [Kapaun-Wilson Field], Minnesota, US
11MN Orono [Point SPB], Minnesota, US
MN04 Chaska [Lake Pierson SPB], Minnesota, US
68MN Atwater [Stanton Hill Aerodrome], Minnesota, US
MN41 Silver Lake [Timmers Landing Field], Minnesota, US
7MN3 Spring Valley [Caldbeck Field], Minnesota, US
MN53 Windom [Windom Area Hospital Heliport], Minnesota, US
MN46 North Mankato [Michels Farms Airport], Minnesota, US
25MN Deerwood [Shirt Lake SPB], Minnesota, US
2MY2 Amboy [Zarn Airport], Minnesota, US

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