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Location codes 241-260 of 474 in Minnesota, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
2MN7 North Prairie [Fussy Airport], Minnesota, US
MN86 Park Rapids [Sky Manor Aero Estates Airport], Minnesota, US
1MN8 Webster [Sky Harbor Residential Airpark], Minnesota, US
1MN1 Burnsville [Fairview Ridges Hospital Heliport], Minnesota, US
1MN6 Cook [Cook Hospital Heliport], Minnesota, US
MN02 Excelsior [Lake Minnewashta SPB], Minnesota, US
57MN Ray [Namakan SPB], Minnesota, US
MY01 Warren [Roan Airport], Minnesota, US
MN09 Burnsville [Crystal Lake SPB], Minnesota, US
MN24 Lino Lakes [Surfside Airport], Minnesota, US
1MY1 Wendell [Carlson Ag Airport], Minnesota, US
MN38 Owatonna [Allina Hospital & Clinic Owatonna Heliport], Minnesota, US
6MN9 White Bear Township [Benson Airport], Minnesota, US
9Y5 Eveleth [Sky Harbor SPB], Minnesota, US
5MN3 Hibbing [University Medical Center Mesabi Heliport], Minnesota, US
MN56 Rochester [Charlton Building Heliport], Minnesota, US
1MN3 Bigfork [Northern Itasca Health Care Center Heliport], Minnesota, US
MN28 Cosmos [Lux Strip], Minnesota, US
14Y Long Prairie [Todd Field], Minnesota, US
1MN0 Tenney [Wetherbee Farm Airport], Minnesota, US

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