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Location codes 181-200 of 496 in Michigan, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
MI59 West Bloomfield [Cass Heliport], Michigan, US
4MI1 Petersburg [Air Rahe Airport], Michigan, US
95MI Luther [Evad Enterprises LLC Airport], Michigan, US
7D3 Baldwin [Muni], Michigan, US
MI14 Ann Arbor [Overflow Pad (Lower Pad)], Michigan, US
53MI Commerce [Huron Valley Sinai Hospital Heliport], Michigan, US
M61 Ishpeming [Edward F Johnson Airport], Michigan, US
MI63 Grand Rapids [St. Mary's Hospital Heliport], Michigan, US
0MI1 Oakland [Lawler Heliport], Michigan, US
5MI9 Rochester [McPhail Corporation Heliport], Michigan, US
1D2 Plymouth [Canton-Plymouth-Mettetal Airport], Michigan, US
MI26 Parkers Corners [Cloud 9 Airport], Michigan, US
6D6 Greenville [Muni], Michigan, US
5Y2 Houghton Lake Heights [Houghton Lake State Airport], Michigan, US
7MI5 Petersburg [Lada Airport], Michigan, US
53W Winn [Woodruff Lake Airport], Michigan, US
4MI6 Three Oaks [Benedick Airport], Michigan, US
40MI Carson City [Carson City Hospital Heliport], Michigan, US
1MI6 Milan [Trudeau Airport], Michigan, US
5N7 Nunica [Hat Field], Michigan, US

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