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Location codes 361-380 of 501 in Louisiana, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
LS75 Cameron [Cameron Shore Base Heliport], Louisiana, US
LS25 Slaughter [Annison Airport (Private)], Louisiana, US
3LA5 Zachary [Lane Regional Medical Center Heliport], Louisiana, US
90LA Minden [Sharp Field], Louisiana, US
LA91 Parks [Gary Landing Strip Ultralight Flightpark], Louisiana, US
LS79 Urania [Hardtner Medical Center Heliport], Louisiana, US
LS30 Monroe [University Health Conway Hospital Heliport], Louisiana, US
LS48 Napoleonville [Assumption Comunity Hospital Heliport], Louisiana, US
23LA Covington [Warner-Thunder Hill Airport], Louisiana, US
25LA Albany [Plane Crazy Airport], Louisiana, US
82LA Chalmette [Fisher's Field Ultralight Flightpark], Louisiana, US
LA75 Duson [Glenn's Strip Ultralight Flightpark], Louisiana, US
1R1 Jena, Louisiana, US
LA29 Leesville [Byrd Regional Hospital Heliport], Louisiana, US
40LA Monroe [Woodsland Plantation Airport], Louisiana, US
8LA7 Verret [Southern Natural Gas Company Heliport], Louisiana, US
F87 Farmerville [Union Parish Airport], Louisiana, US
LA86 Cocodrie [Kinetica-Cocodrie Heliport], Louisiana, US
LS37 Sulphur [West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital Heliport], Louisiana, US
LA26 Folsom [Unicorn Airport], Louisiana, US

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