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Location codes 261-280 of 501 in Louisiana, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
7LS4 Intracoastal City [Petroleum Helicopters-Intracoastal City Heliport], Louisiana, US
0R4 Vidalia [Concordia Parish Airport], Louisiana, US
LS76 Covington [Hickham Field], Louisiana, US
LA19 Coushatta [CCHCC Heliport], Louisiana, US
18LA Pineville [Camp Beauregard Army Ntl Guard Heliport], Louisiana, US
03LS Winnsboro [FMC Number 1 Heliport], Louisiana, US
23LS Baton Rouge [Olol Children's Heliport], Louisiana, US
LA16 Breaux Bridge [Castille Field], Louisiana, US
LS19 Chauvin [Houma Terrebonne Heliport], Louisiana, US
LA65 Eunice [Acadian Medical Center Heliport], Louisiana, US
08LS Grand Coteau [Aeleron Airport], Louisiana, US
84LA Haughton [Touchstone Ridge Ultralight Flightpark], Louisiana, US
LA31 Lacassine [Gotreaux Strip], Louisiana, US
0LS0 Thibodaux [Theriot Field], Louisiana, US
LA17 Colfax [Keystone Farms Airport], Louisiana, US
LS70 Jennings [Lake Air Service-Pine Island Airport], Louisiana, US
LS34 Breaux Bridge [Bordelon Airpark], Louisiana, US
LS81 Lake Charles [Lake Charles Office Heliport], Louisiana, US
6LA1 Lake Providence [Cottonwood Airport], Louisiana, US
LS73 Braithwaite [Amax Metals Recovery Inc. Heliport], Louisiana, US

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