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Location codes 221-240 of 501 in Louisiana, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
15LA Shreveport [Willis- Knighton South Hospital Heliport], Louisiana, US
LA44 St. Gabriel [Calpine Heliport], Louisiana, US
LS60 St. Gabriel [East Field Heliport], Louisiana, US
3LA7 Broussard [Variable Bor Ram Heliport], Louisiana, US
L47 Olla, Louisiana, US
LA66 Amelia [Arco Morgan City Heliport], Louisiana, US
LS29 Bossier City [Horseshoe Heliport], Louisiana, US
00LA Gonzales [Shell Chemical East Site Heliport], Louisiana, US
LS91 Arnaudville [Tim Bullard Memorial Airport], Louisiana, US
37LA Clayton [Wayne Brown Airport], Louisiana, US
68LA Bossier City [Pilkinton Airstrip], Louisiana, US
LS74 Lake Charles [Utec Heliport], Louisiana, US
5LS6 Mer Rouge [Arkla Flyers Inc. Airport], Louisiana, US
9LA4 Morgan City [Texaco Heliport], Louisiana, US
2LA7 Oak Grove [Costello Airport], Louisiana, US
LA30 Rayne [Phoenix Airport], Louisiana, US
1LA9 Intracoastal City [Chevron Intracoastal Heliport], Louisiana, US
LA67 Angola [Angola Airstrip], Louisiana, US
LA50 Hessmer [Detel Airport], Louisiana, US
5LA9 Sunset [Ron Airport], Louisiana, US

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