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Location codes 161-180 of 267 in Kentucky, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
66KY Clarkson [McGrew Airport], Kentucky, US
72KY Williamsburg [Carr Airport], Kentucky, US
2KY0 Greensburg [Jane Todd Crawford Hospital Heliport], Kentucky, US
71KY Petersburg [Sunrise Acres Airport], Kentucky, US
2KY5 Olive Hill [Womstead Field], Kentucky, US
58KY Finchville [Willow Island Airpark], Kentucky, US
79KY Nicholasville [Lucas Field], Kentucky, US
3KY3 Taylorsville [Mason Valley Airport], Kentucky, US
18KY Benton [Marshall County Hospital Heliport], Kentucky, US
K24 Jamestown [Russell County Airport], Kentucky, US
2I0 Madisonville [Madisonville Regional], Kentucky, US
4M7 Russellville [Russellville-Logan County Airport], Kentucky, US
05KY Berea [Cartersville Airport], Kentucky, US
52KY Paris [Air Castle Airport], Kentucky, US
50KY Paris [Zanzibar Farm Airport], Kentucky, US
4KY6 Hopkinsville [Jennie Stuart Medical Center Heliport], Kentucky, US
00KY Stanford [Robbins Roost Airport], Kentucky, US
I50 Stanton, Kentucky, US
35KY Franklin [Welcome Field], Kentucky, US
68KY Somerset [Lee's Airpark], Kentucky, US

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