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Location codes 81-100 of 383 in Kansas, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
33KS Topeka [Buena Terra Airport], Kansas, US
8KS1 Basehor [Neu Field], Kansas, US
03PR Bonner Springs [Sun View Field], Kansas, US
8KS7 Stilwell [Pine Sod Ranch Airport], Kansas, US
SN37 Elmdale [Harold K Wells Airport], Kansas, US
45K Minneapolis [Minneapolis City County Airport], Kansas, US
53K Osage City [Muni], Kansas, US
3AU Augusta [Muni], Kansas, US
7KS0 Oskaloosa [Flying T Airport], Kansas, US
K94 La Crosse [Rush County Airport], Kansas, US
00AA Leoti [Aero B Ranch Airport], Kansas, US
4KS2 De Soto [Ingels Aerodrome], Kansas, US
SN33 Clay Center [Callaway Airpark], Kansas, US
49KS Manhattan [N & N Airport], Kansas, US
57KS Emmett [Get Away Runway Airport], Kansas, US
0KS7 Cheney [Mono Aircraft Airport], Kansas, US
5KS1 McLouth [Threshing Bee Airport], Kansas, US
14SN Topeka [Colmery-O'Neil VAMC Heliport], Kansas, US
05KS Elk City [Darbro Field], Kansas, US
3KS0 Topeka [Stormont-Vail Hospital Heliport], Kansas, US

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