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Location codes 21-40 of 387 in Kansas, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KLWC LWC LWC Lawrence [Lawrence Regional], Kansas, US
KPTS PTS PTS Pittsburg [Atkinson Muni], Kansas, US
KCEA CEA CEA Wichita [Cessna Aircraft Field], Kansas, US
KSYF SYF St. Francis [Cheyenne County Muni], Kansas, US
KCYW CYW Clay Center [Muni], Kansas, US
KTQK TQK Scott City [Muni], Kansas, US
KHLC HLC HLC Hill City [Muni], Kansas, US
KEWK EWK EWK Newton [Newton-City-County Airport], Kansas, US
KGBD GBD GBD Great Bend [Muni], Kansas, US
KHUT HUT HUT Hutchinson [Hutchinson Regional], Kansas, US
KAAO AAO Wichita [Colonel James Jabara Airport], Kansas, US
KRSL RSL RSL Russell [Muni], Kansas, US
KMEJ MEJ Meade [Muni], Kansas, US
KJHN JHN Johnson [Stanton County Muni], Kansas, US
KFSK FSK FSK Fort Scott [Muni], Kansas, US
KLYO LYO LYO Lyons [Lyons-Rice County Muni], Kansas, US
KCNK CNK CNK Concordia [Blosser Muni], Kansas, US
KANY ANY ANY Anthony [Muni], Kansas, US
KPPF PPF PPF Parsons [Tri-City Airport], Kansas, US
KWLD WLD WLD Winfield/Arkansas City [Strother Field], Kansas, US

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