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Location codes 301-320 of 383 in Kansas, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
71KS Williamstown [Stonehenge Airport], Kansas, US
6KS0 Belleville [Republic County Hospital Heliport], Kansas, US
SN88 Louisburg [Crosswind Airfield], Kansas, US
SN54 Overland Park [Overland Park Regional Medical Center Heliport], Kansas, US
1KS Pleasanton [Linn County Airport], Kansas, US
1KS4 Enterprise [Prichard Airstrip], Kansas, US
SN05 Halstead, Kansas, US
8KS3 Hiawatha [Davis Airfield], Kansas, US
81KS Meriden [Blackhawk Airport], Kansas, US
K58 Ashland [Harold Krier Field], Kansas, US
K65 Dighton, Kansas, US
SN45 Lawrence [Michael's Airport], Kansas, US
9KS1 Wellsville [Hartland Airport], Kansas, US
SN28 Brookville [Belcher Airport], Kansas, US
19KS Chanute [Schultz Field Heliport], Kansas, US
83KS Wamego [Miller Aeroplane Field], Kansas, US
SN75 Highland [Sommers Airport], Kansas, US
SN35 Overland Park [Menorah Medical Park Heliport], Kansas, US
SN08 Burrton [Fisher Airport], Kansas, US
SN91 Madison [Godfrey Airport], Kansas, US

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