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Location codes 101-120 of 305 in Idaho, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
1U6 Oakley [Muni], Idaho, US
1ID4 Boise [Red Baron Airpark], Idaho, US
66ID Grangeville [Wind Ridge Airport], Idaho, US
U97 Howe, Idaho, US
S68 Orofino [Muni], Idaho, US
0U3 Mahoney Creek [Mahoney Creek USFS Airport], Idaho, US
ID18 Idaho Falls [EIRMC Heliport], Idaho, US
S75 Payette [Muni], Idaho, US
0ID3 Mountain Home [Coyote Run Airport], Idaho, US
37ID Grangeville [Hungry Ridge Ranch Airport], Idaho, US
ID69 Sun Valley [Sun Valley Gun Club Heliport], Idaho, US
C53 Challis [Lower Loon Creek Airport], Idaho, US
99ID Challis [Cahc Emergency Heliport], Idaho, US
ID89 Boise [Boise Plaza Heliport], Idaho, US
ID37 Lewiston [St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center Heliport], Idaho, US
1U1 Moose Creek Ranger Station [Moose Creek Airport (USFS)], Idaho, US
90ID Meridian [St. Luke's Meridian Medical Center Heliport], Idaho, US
HAFO Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument [Hagerman Fossil Beds NM], Idaho, US
1U9 Pine, Idaho, US
ID24 Sagle [Timber Basin Airpark Inc.], Idaho, US

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