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Location codes 201-220 of 310 in Idaho, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
ID38 Hauser Lake [Sutherland Heliport], Idaho, US
U99 Kimama [Laidlaw Corrals Airport], Idaho, US
ID22 Spirit Lake [Treeport Airport], Idaho, US
ID80 Caldwell [West Valley Hospital Heliport], Idaho, US
U81 Cold Meadows Guard Station [Cold Meadows USFS Airport], Idaho, US
D12 Garden Valley [Garden Valley Heliport], Idaho, US
ID76 Donnelly [Elk Ridge Airport], Idaho, US
68ID Sandpoint [Rapoport Ranch Airport], Idaho, US
01ID Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, US
ID16 Bellevue [Sluder Airstrip], Idaho, US
ID93 Twin Falls [Fecundity Farm Strip], Idaho, US
ID70 Fairfield [Fairfield Ranch Airport], Idaho, US
ID55 Cascade [Cascade Medical Center Heliport], Idaho, US
ID15 Victor [Teton Springs Heliport], Idaho, US
U79 Chamberlain Guard Station [Chamberlain USFS Airport], Idaho, US
ID29 Orofino [Big Island Airport], Idaho, US
0WN8 Coeur d'Alene [Sheldon Heliport], Idaho, US
ID05 Athol [Hackney Airpark], Idaho, US
ID68 Kuna [Green Acres Airport], Idaho, US
A05 Dixie [Dixie USFS Airport], Idaho, US

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