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Location codes 101-120 of 485 in Georgia, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
64GA Senoia [Big 'T' Airport], Georgia, US
20GA Villa Rica [Earl L Small Jr. Field/Stockmar Airport], Georgia, US
GA11 Atlanta [Childrens Health Care Atl Heliport at Scottish Rite], Georgia, US
61GA Blythe [Pea Patch Aerodrome], Georgia, US
8GA7 Kingston [Etowah Bend Gliderport], Georgia, US
7GA3 Garfield [Hacienda De Gay Airstrip], Georgia, US
GA87 Suches [High Valley Airpark], Georgia, US
GE92 Buckhead [Rabbit Hole II Heliport], Georgia, US
GA89 Lovejoy [Diamond S Airport], Georgia, US
52GA Atlanta [Rabbit Hole Heliport], Georgia, US
1GA2 Luthersville [Flying N Estates Airport], Georgia, US
GA81 Ft Valley [Big Dog - Cameron Field], Georgia, US
7GA6 Atlanta [Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Heliport], Georgia, US
9GA1 Clyo [Briar Patch Airport], Georgia, US
1GA0 Shellman Bluff [Eagle Neck Airport], Georgia, US
86GA Tunnel Hill [Flying G Ranch Airport], Georgia, US
31GA Atlanta [WGCL-TV Heliport], Georgia, US
2J3 Louisville [Muni], Georgia, US
52A Madison [Muni], Georgia, US
6GA8 Carrollton [Flying W Farms Airport], Georgia, US

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