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Location codes 21-40 of 487 in Georgia, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KGVL GVL GVL Gainesville [Lee Gilmer Memorial Airport], Georgia, US
KMGE MGE MGE Marietta [Dobbins ARB], Georgia, US
KVLD VLD VLD Valdosta [Valdosta Regional], Georgia, US
KFFC FFC Atlanta [Atlanta Regional Falcon Field], Georgia, US
KPXE PXE Perry [Perry-Houston County Airport], Georgia, US
KCZL CZL Calhoun [Tom B David Field], Georgia, US
KTOC TOC TOC Toccoa [Toccoa Rg Letourneau Field], Georgia, US
KCVC CVC Atlanta [Covington Muni], Georgia, US
KWRB WRB WRB Warner Robins [Robins AFB], Georgia, US
KLGC LGC LGC Lagrange [Lagrange/Callaway Airport], Georgia, US
KVPC VPC Cartersville, Georgia, US
KNCQ Atlanta [NAS], Georgia, US
KHMP HMP Atlanta [Atlanta Speedway Airport], Georgia, US
KMHP MHP Metter [John Edwin Jones Sr Field/Metter Muni], Georgia, US
KCCO CCO Atlanta [Newnan Coweta County Airport], Georgia, US
KLHW LIY LHW Fort Stewart (Hinesville) [Wright AAF (Fort Stewart)/Midcoast Regional], Georgia, US
KBHC BHC Baxley [Muni], Georgia, US
KRVJ RVJ Reidsville [Swinton Smith Field at Reidsville Muni], Georgia, US
KDNN DNN DNN Dalton [Muni], Georgia, US
KDQH DQH Douglas [Muni], Georgia, US

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