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Location codes 221-240 of 487 in Georgia, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
1GA6 Sasser [Grand Oak Plantation Airport], Georgia, US
GA15 Statesboro [Air Evac 95 Heliport], Georgia, US
15GA Kite [Darla's Airport], Georgia, US
GE53 Locust Grove [Chigger Hill Airport], Georgia, US
4A4 Cedartown [Polk County/Cornelius Moore Field], Georgia, US
3GA7 Rupert [Thomas Ridge Airport], Georgia, US
79GA Fort Gaines [Coates Airport], Georgia, US
18GA Social Circle [Sleepy Hollow Airport], Georgia, US
8GA9 Vaughn [Brook Bridge Aerodrome], Georgia, US
8GA4 Augusta [Doctors Hospital Heliport], Georgia, US
0GE4 Sunnyside [Pecan Patch Airstrip], Georgia, US
4GA8 Arlington [Andrews Airport], Georgia, US
02GA Commerce [Doug Bolton Field], Georgia, US
4GE3 Montrose [Whitehall Airport], Georgia, US
5GE1 Fort Valley [Peachtree Landings Airport], Georgia, US
GA26 Fort Eisenhower (Augusta) [Fort Eisenhower Headquarters Heliport], Georgia, US
49A Ellijay [Gilmer County Airport], Georgia, US
5GA7 Franklin/Glenn [Panacea Airport], Georgia, US
50GA Valdosta [Mallory Field], Georgia, US
GA92 Fayetteville [Beck Field], Georgia, US

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