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Location codes 41-60 of 328 in Arizona, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KCMR CMR Williams [H A Clark Memorial Field], Arizona, US
KJTC JTC Springerville [Muni], Arizona, US
KDUG DUG DUG Douglas (Bisbee) [Bisbee Douglas Intl], Arizona, US
GCW 1G4 Peach Springs [Grand Canyon West Airport], Arizona, US
TBC T03 Tuba City, Arizona, US
KPAN PJB PAN Payson, Arizona, US
KSAD SAD SAD Safford [Safford Regional], Arizona, US
KGXF GXF Gila Bend [Gila Bend AF Auxiliary Airport], Arizona, US
AZ34 Yucca [Massey Farm Airport], Arizona, US
3AZ6 Sun City West [Banner Del E Webb Medical Center Heliport], Arizona, US
HAE AZ15 Supai Village [Lava Falls Heliport, Havasupai Airport], Arizona, US
BGT E51 Bagdad, Arizona, US
KTYL TYZ TYL Taylor, Arizona, US
AZ67 Tucson [El Tiro Gliderport], Arizona, US
KGAX GAX Gila Bend [Williams Auxiliary Airfield 6], Arizona, US
KCFT CFT CFT Clifton/Morenci [Greenlee County Airport], Arizona, US
PGS L37 Peach Springs [Grand Canyon Caverns Airport], Arizona, US
KPCA PCA Picacho [Picacho ARNG Heliport], Arizona, US
VLE 40G Grand Canyon [Valle Airport], Arizona, US
CTW P52 Cottonwood, Arizona, US

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