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Location codes 1-14 of 14 in Sonora, México:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
MMHO HMO Hermosillo [General Ignacio Pesqueira García Intl], Sonora, MX
MMCN CEN Ciudad Obregón [Intl], Sonora, MX
UAC MM76 San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora, MX
MMPE PPE Punta Peñasco [Intl], Sonora, MX
MMGM GYM Guaymas [General José María Yáñez Intl], Sonora, MX
MMNG NOG Nogales [Intl], Sonora, MX
MMNV NVJ Navojoa, Sonora, MX
MMCA CNA Cananea, Sonora, MX
XAL MM45 Álamos, Sonora, MX
MM65 Agua Prieta South, Sonora, MX
MM80 Rancho La Milpita, Sonora, MX
MM75 Agua Prieta Southwest, Sonora, MX
MM32 Puerto Libertad North, Sonora, MX
MM69 Tacicuri, Sonora, MX



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