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Location codes 1-20 of 24 in Limón, Costa Rica:

ICAO  IATA  Location
MRLM LIO Puerto Limón [Intl], Limón, CR
MRAO Roxana [Aerotortuguero], Limón, CR
MRRX Roxana [Roxana Farms], Limón, CR
MRBT TTQ Tortuquero (Barra de Tortuquero), Limón, CR
MRBP Pococi [Barra de Parismina], Limón, CR
MRSO Guapiles (Río Jiménez) [Santa Maria de Guacimo], Limón, CR
MRBC BCL Barra del Colorado, Limón, CR
MRSG Santa Clara de Guapiles, Limón, CR
MRGP GPL Guápiles, Limón, CR
MREC El Carmen de Siquirres, Limón, CR
MRCA CSC Guapiles [Codela], Limón, CR
MRBN Bataán [Monte Libano], Limón, CR
MRHS Pococi [Hacienda La Suerte], Limón, CR
MRLL Siquirres [Las Lomas], Limón, CR
MRSX Sixaola [Sixaola], Limón, CR
MRBM Guacimo [Bremen], Limón, CR
MRDC Duacari 2, Limón, CR
MRDD Bratsi [Don Diego], Limón, CR
MRSA San Alberto, Limón, CR
MRYT Guacimo [Yucatica], Limón, CR

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