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Location codes 181-200 of 611 in Ontario, Canada:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
CPW2 London [London Victoria Hospital Heliport], Ontario, CA
CPN8 London [London (Pioneer Airpark) Aerodrome], Ontario, CA
CPR4 London [London University Hospital Heliport], Ontario, CA
CPU2 Kincardine [Kincardine South Bruce Grey Health Centre Heliport], Ontario, CA
CJG6 Kenora [Kenora Lake of The Woods District Hospital Heliport], Ontario, CA
CPK7 Ottawa [Ottawa Children's Hospital Heliport], Ontario, CA
CWH4 Winchester [Ottawa Winchester District Memorial Hospital Heliport], Ontario, CA
CML6 Six Mile Lake [Six Mile Lake Water Aerodrome], Ontario, CA
CFP2 Dwight [Dwight (Fox Point) Water Aerodrome], Ontario, CA
CNH6 Hawk Junction [Hawk Junction Water Aerodrome], Ontario, CA
CPT8 Parry Sound [Deep Bay Water Aerodrome], Ontario, CA
CKE6 Thunder Bay [Thunder Bay Water Aerodrome], Ontario, CA
CTL9 Nakina [Lower Twin Lake Water Aerodrome], Ontario, CA
CJS6 Opasquia Provincial Park [Big Hook Wilderness Camp Water Aerodrome], Ontario, CA
CHS2 Highgate [Highgate (South) Aerodrome], Ontario, CA
CNY5 Five Mile Lake [Five Mile Lake Water Aerodrome], Ontario, CA
CPN4 Hanover [Saugeen Muni], Ontario, CA
CTB2 Thunder Bay [Thunder Bay Health Science Centre Heliport], Ontario, CA
CPD9 Markdale [Markdale Centre Grey General Hospital Heliport], Ontario, CA
CPR7 Wingham [Richard W. LeVan Aerodrome], Ontario, CA

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