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Location codes 261-280 of 346 in Alberta, Canada:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
CSD2 Sundre [Sundre Hospital & Health Care Centre Heliport], Alberta, CA
CRD2 Coaldale [Coaldale (Rednek Air) Aerodrome], Alberta, CA
CFD5 Grimshaw [Grimshaw Airport], Alberta, CA
CFB3 Hespero [Hespero Airport], Alberta, CA
CCN3 Caroline [Caroline Aerodrome], Alberta, CA
CEJ7 Northwest Territories (Fort Smith) [Fort Smith (Fitzgerald Water Aerodrome)], Alberta, CA
CBL4 Bassano [Bassano Health Centre Heliport], Alberta, CA
CBH7 Benalto [Hillman's Farm Aerodrome], Alberta, CA
CKV9 Fort Vermilion [Country Gardens B&B Heliport], Alberta, CA
CEV7 Tofield [Tofield Airport], Alberta, CA
CFN6 Primrose [Primrose Aerodrome], Alberta, CA
CFA8 Three Hills [Three Hills Hospital Heliport], Alberta, CA
CDV4 Didsbury [Didsbury (Vertical Extreme Skydiving) Aerodrome], Alberta, CA
CSV4 Fort Saskatchewan [Fort Saskatchewan General Hospital Heliport], Alberta, CA
CHF3 Westlock [Westlock (Hnatko Farms) Aerodrome], Alberta, CA
CFD9 Bjorgum Farm [Bjorgum Farm Airport], Alberta, CA
CFY4 Indus [Winters Aire Park Airport], Alberta, CA
CEE8 Viking, Alberta, CA
CWC4 Wetaskiwin [Wetaskiwin Hospital & Care Centre Heliport], Alberta, CA
CEZ9 Grande Prairie [Grande Prairie Forestry Heliport], Alberta, CA

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