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Location codes 541-560 of 20160 in United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KSJT SJT SJT San Angelo [San Angelo Regional/Mathis Field], Texas, US
KFPR FPR FPR Fort Pierce [Treasure Coast Intl], Florida, US
KSAW MQT SAW Marquette [Sawyer Intl], Michigan, US
KHIB HIB HIB Hibbing [Range Regional], Minnesota, US
KLAW LAW LAW Lawton [Lawton-Fort Sill Regional], Oklahoma, US
PAMR MRI MRI Anchorage [Merrill Field], Alaska, US
KFUL FUL FUL Fullerton [Muni], California, US
PAOT OTZ OTZ Kotzebue [Ralph Wien Memorial Airport], Alaska, US
IL75 Chicago [John H Stroger Hospital of Cook County Heliport], Illinois, US
KTIX TIX TIX Titusville [Space Coast Regional], Florida, US
KCDW CDW CDW Caldwell [Essex County Airport], New Jersey, US
KPIR PIR PIR Pierre [Pierre Regional], South Dakota, US
KHBG HBG HBG Hattiesburg [Hattiesburg Bobby L Chain Muni], Mississippi, US
OCA 07FA Key Largo [Ocean Reef Club Airport], Florida, US
PGRO ROP GRO Rota Island [Benjamin Taisacan Manglona Intl], Northern Mariana Islands, US
KPSK PSK PSK Dublin [New River Valley Airport], Virginia, US
KBVU BLD BVU Boulder City [Muni], Nevada, US
3CK Chicago/Lake In The Hills [Lake In The Hills Airport], Illinois, US
KNFL NFL NFL Fallon [NAS Fallon (Van Voorhis Field)], Nevada, US
TSS 6N5 New York [East 34th Street Heliport], New York, US

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